Dark Wonderland, horror and dark fantasy stories

Dark Wonderland, horror and dark fantasy tales for those long, dark winter nights…check out reviews for stories included in Dark Wonderland, from their original appearances in magazines and anthologies…

“‘Signal To Noise’ by Gerard Houarner is a real gem. In it, the protagonist is unable to filter out all the extraneous signals that we are bombarded with every day. At first, it’s just parents; but as his social circle expands, more and more signals join the chorus. The protagonist is the receiver, unable to stop the voices of all the others in his head. Medication fails him, as his life and marriage disintegrate. He knows his mission——he was given the answer, and now he only needs to be asked the right question and be discharged of his responsibility. The stream-of-consciousness prose is effective, and Mr. Houarner puts his experience working in a psychiatric hospital to good use, creating a convincing and deeply sympathetic portrait.”  Tangetonline.com, review of Cemetery Dance 49

“They Play in the Palace of My Dreaming”’ builds slowly in a way character-based stories tend to do, but Houarner knows how to keep a reader reading. The climax is sudden and completely unexpected, yet is entirely within the character of the power-hungry Carlos. There are writers who write stories for the sake of entertainment, and then there are storytellers who understand what stories and myths are meant for. Gerard Houarner is both a writer and a storyteller.” Tangetonline.com review of Heliotrope 2

“…’The Three Strangers’ is a fantastical glance at corrupt law and revenge.” The Last Pentacle of the Sun: Writings in Support of the West Memphis Three, Rue Morgue

“…Gerard Houarner’s ‘Dead Snake Medicine Woman’ will shake you up.” Bill Cider’s Pop Culture Magazine (online)

“The finest piece to be found in this unsettling collection of unsavory vignettes would have to be ‘Boxes and Bags’ by Gerard Daniel Houarner, a surreal and poetic indictment against the fallacies of desire and the shortcomings of human nature.  To say this dulcet and philosophically detached paean to compartmentalized grief is out of place in this gathering is an understatement.  But existing as it does–a precious jewel amongst the bitter dregs of sociopathic cravings–makes this anthology a recommended must.”

– Blue Food, reviewing ‘Boxes and Bags’ from the Nasty Snippets anthology


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